[Tutorial] The basics of: multi_manager

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[Tutorial] The basics of: multi_manager

Post by hazik666 on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:16 pm

In most maps you will find a multi_manager but never see it

Multi_managers are one of the most useful entities on valve hammer editor

Multi_manager's allow multiple entities to be triggered instead of a player making lots of triggers, In jail maps they can be used to make cell doors or even lasers.
A trigger cannot trigger more than 2 entities if im certain, But if it triggers the multi_manager the multi_manager will then trigger the entities

How to make:
First of all you will need your trigger (button or triggers) and the targeted entities for the multi_manager
Now insert your multi_manager and lets name it test
We then tie our trigger to the entity and set its Target as test
Now go back to the properties of the multi_manager and click smartedit
Now on the right there is a little box, Click Add
Now set the Key: To the name of the entitie your multi_manager will target
Now set the Value: To the amount of time after the trigger has been triggered to trigger the entity
Now click Add
To add more you just go through the same process

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