[Tutorial] How to watermark your map

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[Tutorial] How to watermark your map

Post by Koyumu on Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:48 am

Create a "game_text" entity and name it "game_playerspawn", of course this will make the text activate every round.

As "Message Text" type in the mapname, optimal:
"Map by | neonDragon.net".

The "X" and "Y" setting affect were the text is showen, my favorite is ("X"=-1 and "Y"=0.05) wich is Top, centered in the Screen.

The best Effect is Fade in/out.

Color1 and Color2 stets the text Color White (255 255 255) is my favorite.

Fade it/out Time affects the time which the text is needed to be read-able

Remember the hold time should not longer than 5 Seconds, because the text
will disappear when the mp_freezetime is over.

The Flags "All Players" shout be disabled.

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