VIP fair or unfair?

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VIP fair or unfair?

Post by 850i on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:11 pm

Hi all,

I'm sorry but the whole VIP-thing is like a big nasty smell on the server.

Understand that I dont think that making money by the donations is bad.
The whole world is build on making profit, so I'm used to the system and working it. Smile
Applying the system to the counter strike servers (like buy your VIP), some problems may accure.
And they already did !

Normally you have admins on a server, to maintain the general order.
Then you have the normal gamers visiting the server and playing the game.
The game is played by the admins and the visitors, following the same rules, using the same plugins.
This gives an equal battle, and the one that has the skills (or the luck Laughing ) rules the game.

VIP is a whole different story.
VIP isn't like an admin: because he will not maintain the order. Most decisions made by a VIP is self-interested.
VIP isn't like a regular visitor: because he's able to use cheats which other people dont have.

VIP destroys the equality of the game and has abuse written all over it!

I'm curious how many people will become VIP and how many people will never join the server again? scratch
Time will tell I guess.


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Re: VIP fair or unfair?

Post by hazik666 on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:16 pm

Well i agree with your post, And we did have rules for VIP but all got removed from neonDragon (head admin) because they pay for it. But we all know it wrecks gameplay and makes people leave but this will hopefully be discussed again and mabye we can have a good set of rules.

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Re: VIP fair or unfair?

Post by conex on Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:13 pm

i agree.. bounce

...i hate marksel on wc3.. becuz he never have to buy guns.. ! he can just use his powers to it.. Mad so he can buy toms and stuff all the time...

hahah bounce
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Re: VIP fair or unfair?

Post by Graham on Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:09 am

Nobody would buy VIP if there wasn't no clip, who's gonna pay for a few guns, voting powers and a glow... not many. I'm not surprised what so ever that neonDragon returned to the normal system. There was a time when the power was removed and guess what... Everyone wanted a refund! VIP helps pay for the server as you will read by the head admin so we must just live with it as everyone has for like that past year. These powers were always on the zombie server, but the NUBS that bought them sucked and did not use them effectively, Now a whole bunch of skilled people get them and dominate the game, but if they do something you disagree with, speak to them nicely and tell them that you at least want them to not infect you or something, it has worked for me and I'm sure you can work something out so you can enjoy the game.

There are ways to counter the VIP powers and here are some ways I have done it...

If they have time to get to no-clip in the menu - I can get a kill bomb ... they die. Moreover bullets still affect them so if their low on HP go for the kill.

Quad Damage, well just buy zombie madness. (You will get the time because of their recoil)

Auto sniper ... not a problem get one yourself from the map usually.

Full kit use to be a massive problem and the only one that pissed everyone off because you could infect so much with a bomb any time you want but there is a rule against it now.

Overall VIP helps the server and for most people brings more fun to the server. People who think seeing others is funny and enjoy it are not gonna right a positive review on it at the forum but the few people who got problems with it are gonna complain so although it sounds bad, there are more who think its good and enjoy its presence in the game.
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Re: VIP fair or unfair?

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