[Tutorial] How to make a coded entity

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[Tutorial] How to make a coded entity

Post by hazik666 on Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:35 pm

Well i know alot of people want to know how to do this
But i only recommend this for mappers with experience because it is complicated

What you need to do
First you will need to make your buttons to open the door
The more buttons the harder
Now name every button which is easy to remember e.g. - button1....

This is where it starts getting complicated

Now set the Target of the buttons to "reset" but do not set the button you will start the code with to anything
Now set the Target of the starting button to "code1"

Now you have your starting stuff

Now create a couple trigger_changetarget's in your map
For example if i had 3 buttons ( 1 / 2 / 3 ) for my code this is what i would do

I would set the Target of "button2" and "button3" to "reset" and set the Target of 1 to code1
I would then name the trigger_changetarget "code1" so the button would then target it
After i would set the Target of Trigger_changetarget to "button2" and change the target to "code2"
Then the next Trigger_changetarget would be named "code2" and that would then have the Target "button3" and New Target to door
The door will then be opened when i push 1 then 2 then 3 but the buttons dont reset if i push the wrong one

So to make the buttons reset do this

Make a multi_manager and name it reset click Smartedit and add theese:
Target name: res1
Value: 0.2

Make 3 of them and set the Target name of all of them "res1" "res2" "res3"
Now make 3 trigger_changetarget and name them "res1" "res2" "res3"

For "res1" set the Target "button1" and the New Target "code1"
For "res2" and "res3" set the Target "reset"
That will then reset the buttons

Now make 3 more Trigger_changetarget and name them "code1" "code2" and "door"
For "code1" set the Target to "button1" and then set New Target to "reset"
For "code2" set the Target to "button2" and then set New Target to "reset"
For "door" set the Target to "button3" and then set New Target to "reset"

Now name your Door entity "door"

Now your done

Good luck

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