[Tutorial] How to make text at the start of your map

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[Tutorial] How to make text at the start of your map

Post by hazik666 on Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:17 pm

Ok for this tutorial you will need:
cs_expert_tom.fgd (or any other fgd with lots of entities)

Ok first of select the Entity Tool
Select game_text
Place it anywhere in your map

Set the name to game_playerspawn(unless you want it triggered by something)
Type what you want it to say in Text

And thats it finished if you want to change the colour
Select colour1/colour2 and set them to what you want

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Re: [Tutorial] How to make text at the start of your map

Post by x-regit-x on Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:28 am

This text will allways be shown when a player spawns, so usually at round start, not only on map start Wink

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